Aleo is a blockchain platform that introduces fully private, scalable, and decentralized applications using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). Aleo unveils the Leo programming language, crafted specifically for developing secure and efficient smart contracts.


Mainnet LaunchQ1 2024

Minimum stake10 Tokens

P2P feeTBA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aleo, a Layer 1 blockchain, prioritizes privacy through zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, offering a secure platform for users and businesses seeking confidentiality. Its unique approach to privacy, security, and data integrity makes it an ideal choice for those requiring a private blockchain solution.

Currently the official launch of the mainnet is scheduled for Q1 2024, according to announcements made by community coordinators in the official Discord channel.

Proof of Succinct Work (PoSW) is a consensus mechanism in the Aleo Network, where Aleo provers (or ZK miners) generate SNARK proofs for solving Coinbase puzzles. These proofs are integrated into blocks finalized by Aleo validators, highlighting a specialized, secure infrastructure.

P2P boasts over four years of expertise in managing validator infrastructure across more than 40 networks. Our participation in the Aleo Incentivized Testnet has further enriched our unique expertise. We provide valuable reports and ensure round-the-clock technical and customer support, underlining our commitment to excellence and reliability in the blockchain domain.

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The P2P team uses their experience and expertise to set up the infrastructure in a way that provides the highest possible APR to our customers. At Aptos, our initial goal was to provide premium APR with the highest uptime

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We have been staking on various networks for over four years. During that time, we have accumulated unique expertise in the field, created a talented team, and are now developing new solutions. We are committed to helping our customers get the most out of staking.

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