Staking Data API

The P2P Staking Data API provides near real-time full history staking data across all major PoS chains, accessible via a simple, unified API.

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Bring the Complete Staking Data API Solution to Your Organization


Real-Time Data

Access up-to-the-minute data on staking activity, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize your staking rewards.


Risk Management

Use our API to monitor risk factors and adjust your staking strategy accordingly, helping you safeguard your investments.


Comprehensive Insights

Gain a comprehensive view of staking across multiple blockchains, enabling you to diversify and optimize your staking portfolio.

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Why should you implement it?

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Access to real-time, all time, all network staking data.

Indexing large amounts of blockchain data can be a challenging task. As P2P, we index and collect staking data for more than 40 networks. Save you time and resources on accessing clean, robust and unified staking data without additional technical effort.

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Build compliance around staking

Utilise our data to enhance your compliance and operational efficiency, streamline tax reporting, and more.

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Industry-leading SLAs

Ensuring the safety and reliability of data is of utmost importance to us. We utilize it on a daily basis and are fully equipped to offer SLAs.

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Build validator performance benchmarks

Feel free to analyse staking data from any angle you desire. You can also build your own validator performance benchmarks.

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The best reporting API for staking on all PoS chainsadopted by top exchanges and custodians

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Compatible with all major PoS blockchains


* Staking data API available on request

How does it work?

  • 1

    We run indexers which monitor and collect all data from supported blockchains in near real-time.

  • 2

    We save data to the analytical data base.

  • 3

    We analyse blockchain data to understand its common part with other networks and its unique features.

  • 4

    We transform, check the integrity and summarise all the data to be suitable for reporting and sharing through API.

  • 5

    All the common parts of data is revealed through unified API methods. All the methods is divided into the following types:

    a. network specific methods (like networks stats, network rewards etc). b. validator specific methods (like validator stats, validator rewards etc). c. delegator specific methods (like delegator stats, delegator rewards etc).

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    All the network unique data is revealed through the specific methods for this network.

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Empower yourself with the right data API tool to allocate your stake resources effectively

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What advantages do you get using our data API?

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Access to most of major PoS networks

Currently Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, but soon it will be 40+ networks.

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Cross-networks unified methods

You don't have to think about network specific features. Use unified methods to get data for all networks.

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Industry-leading SLAs

Ensuring the safety and reliability of data is of utmost importance to us. We are ready to offer a top market SLAs

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Be sure in the quality of data

Be sure in the quality of this data, because we use it internally every dat

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