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Kickstart a robust staking solution in your product with Staking API by Our offering is specifically designed for institutions, custodians, wallets, and exchanges. Benefit from our comprehensive data reporting, stringent SLAs, and round-the-clock support as you launch a profitable revenue stream.

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Benefit from robust security protection

Staking API surpasses industry norms, providing top-tier security, stringent SLAs in place, comprehensive slashing protection, and complete control over the physical machine with baremetal servers.



Make use of comprehensive multi-language documentation and source code examples to ensure easy integration.



Experience our commitment to customer satisfaction, with a dedicated Telegram chat support and 24/7 node monitoring.


Best-in-class infrastructure

Utilize Staking API to access superior validator infrastructure, consistently recognized for top-tier performance.

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Leverage our advanced node configuration

Embrace the new level of flexibility with node configuration - define your requirements, ensuring strict adherence to regulations. Customize your staking experience like never before by choosing the location of your node, the MEV relay, and much more.

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Enhance your decision making with Data API

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One integration - multiple networks

Our architecture is built with flexibility in mind. You can streamline all your networks through a single data integration, thus saving considerable resource time


Real-time monitoring

Stay up-to-date with the status of your assets



Check the entire history of your staking activity using multiple data events for reporting purposes

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Explore insights with personal dashboard

Take advantage of our customer-centric dashboard. Effortlessly retrieve all the information you desire, consolidated within a user-friendly interface.

Protect assets with tailor-made insurance solution

Our offer is a unique bundle of multiple coverage policies from a traditional insurance company, blockchain-based alternative insurance, and an internal P2P treasury fund that leverages the advantages of each solution.

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We support following blockchains

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  • Choose the node location to optimize staking operations

  • Choose the best MEV strategy to fit your needs

  • Outstanding performance with top-ranked validators

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  • Experience the highest APR available on the market

  • Robust SLA, guaranteeing an impressive 99% uptime

  • Dedicated team of experts available 24/7, providing prompt support

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  • Increase profitability through MEV rewards

  • Upgrade software without any downtime

  • Enjoy increased APR due to high performance and flexible fees

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  • Support for 25+ chains in the Cosmos ecosystem

  • Genesis validator and long-term contributor

  • Dedicated team & institutional-grade infrastructure

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  • 150 institutional clients

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Scott Keto

COO at Coinlist

At CoinList security of customer funds is paramount. There are few staking providers who value security more than P2P. Their non-custodial staking services is designed to minimize risks of slashing and we highly value that additional risks are covered by P2P’s professional underwriters.


Our Staking API implements top-tier security measures that surpass industry norms. We have stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place and provide comprehensive slashing protection. Furthermore, we offer complete control over the physical machine with baremetal servers to further enhance the safety of your staking assets.

Integration time can vary, but some clients have managed to complete the process in as little as two weeks. For the quickest integration, we recommend using our comprehensive documentation available at and following the provided examples.

Our Staking API is designed to manage and process high transaction volumes efficiently. It has robust infrastructure in place to ensure smooth operation even during periods of high network activity.

You can easily track your staking rewards using our Data API. It allows you to retrieve rewards for your validators in a straightforward and user-friendly manner.

We offer a direct line of communication via Telegram where our Staking API team is ready to answer all your questions regarding integration. Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide prompt and efficient assistance.

Yes, our Staking API offers advanced node configuration that allows you to customize your staking strategy based on your specific compliance needs. You can choose where to run your validators and even decide on your Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) strategy, among other things.

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