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    MEV Maximizer

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    SSV booster

Stake ETHStake ETH
  • $2.2B+

    Total value locked (TVL)

  • $348B+

    Ethereum market cap

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    Slashing events

  • 99.99%


Choose your staking strategy

  • Native staking

    Battle tested staking via with over $2B+ in staked assets


    5% validator fee

    • MEV Maximizer (up to +10%)

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  • DVT staking

    Fault tolerance staking protocol by SSV with incentivisation program.


    8% validator fee

    • SSV token incentive (up to +40%)

    • Advanced fault tolerance by DVT

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  • Most popular

    DVT + EigenLayer

    All of the DVT plus additional benefits of EigenLayer

    Over 5.6%APR


    8% validator fee

    • SSV token incentive (up to +40%)

    • Advanced fault tolerance by DVT

    • Restaking points

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Staking tools for your Web3 business

  • Private revenue share model

    Revenue share program for our referral partners, wallets, custody, neobanks

  • Coming soon

    On-chain billing

    Choose how to pay for validators: invoices or automated smart contracts

  • OFAC complaint relay

    Or non-censoring MEV. Opt-in relay strategy by your own

  • Reporting

    In-depth online dashboards and monthly pdf reports sign by our CFO

  • Coming soon

    Node location customization

    Opt in region you want place your validators: EU, APAC, LATAM, US.

  • Coming soon

    VEM generation

    Get pre-signed voluntary exit messages for you validators

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Generate more yield with EigenLayer

EigenLayer allows users to leverage their existing Ethereum stakes to secure additional protocols, thereby earning more rewards. is deeply partnered with EigenLayer having skin in the game since its inception.

  • Restaking points are live, rewards for early restakers are expected in Q3

  • EigenLayer smart contracts are audited, initiated a $2 million bug bounty.

  • AVS slashing disabled on protocol level untill its upgrade in Q3

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Restaking points collected with

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Restaked with


20% dApp users already restaked with with EigenLayer

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Boost your APR with first DVT staking

+40% APR

boost through SSV Incentivized Mainnet Program


4% ETH APR + 1.6% in SSV token

Say goodbye to relying on a single provider. DVT introduces fault tolerance, ensuring your operations are always up and running.

  • Backed by four best operators with proven performance.

  • 3 of 4 running operators enough for validator's work

  • Near 0 slashing and downtime risk due to highest diversity: each operator has different CL/EL, locations and infrastracture.

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SSV token price (1D)

MEV Maximiser unlocks up to 10% more block rewards

Having all MEV relays is already a widespread industry practice. But is it maximum? optimizing bid request times, ensuring you capture more lucrative opportunities as they arise.

High-level infrastructure optimizations guarantee no missing blocks, keeping the network healthy.

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We invest more in ensuring the safety and security of your yield vs Network statistics









Based on last month statistics

We spare no expense on nodes:

  • Our setup includes multiple node clients for each validator, including minority clients (Teku and Besu), ensuring backup in real-time if any client experiences an issue

  • We have additional threshold signers, which secure signing attestations (aka multisig), are costly, but attestations continue even if one of the signers is down

  • While every validator typically has one slashing protection database, we have - on three isolated remote signers.

Advanced staking dashboard

You will get a personal advanced staking dashboard for tracking rewards and your validatorโ€™s performance.

It contains an overview and deep analysis of your rewards, APR, MEV, attestation rate, missed blocks, comparison with the market etc.

You can explore your validator performance with self-explanatory charts or download raw data in CSV format.

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  • 150 institutional clients

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Scott Keto

COO at Coinlist

At CoinList security of customer funds is paramount. There are few staking providers who value security more than P2P. Their non-custodial staking services is designed to minimize risks of slashing and we highly value that additional risks are covered by P2Pโ€™s professional underwriters.

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