Ethereum is one of the most usable blockchains in the world, with millions of community members and thousands of dApps. You will support Ethereum decentralization and reliability by staking ETH with us! The minimum amount for staking is 32 ETH.



Unbonding Periodup to 21 days

Reward Frequency~6.5 Min

P2P fee0%

Calculate your staking rewards

$ 43274

Annualized reward


All numbers provided in this calculation should be considered as approximate calculations of possible performance

  • Daily earning

    0.007 ETH

    $ 9

  • Monthly earning

    0.213 ETH

    $ 288

  • Yearly earning

    2.560 ETH

    $ 3461

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Threshold for keys

We reduce the human factor by separating keys in to 3 parts

Clients diversification

Clients diversification

To be more reliable, we use 3 different Eth clients instead of just one


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Community Tools

P2P is an active ecosystem contributor and hackathon participant

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Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2) is a set of upgrades that looks to make Ethereum more scalable, secure and sustainable.

There are two big changes happening with the introduction of ETH2.

The first one will be a shift from Proof of work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). The second one will be the introduction of shard chains.

PoW is a consensus mechanism that relies on computational power and the expenditure of energy to validate transactions on a blockchain. In PoS validators use capital to validate transactions. This not only helps alleviate environmental concerns associated with PoW but also improves security and scalability.

Cryptocurrency staking is the process of holding coins/tokens (stake) in order to hold rights to participate in the validation of transaction blocks, and in doing so Validators are recompensed with rewards. Learn more here.

Staking rewards are recompensation in the form of tokens (ex ETH in Ethereum) that validators receive for validating transactions and ensuring the accuracy of POS blockchains. Validators will distribute these rewards to their delegators after taking a small commission to pay for their services. You can find the list of our rewards here.

With P2P, you can immediately withdraw your MEV and Priority fee rewards, which is about half of the total awards.
You can withdraw the remaining half of the staking rewards after upgrading Shanghai.

You don’t have to be afraid. In the P2P architecture, your ETH and rewards are never mixed with others, and you don’t have any AML risks.

No, if you work with P2P, then you do not need to go through KYC because your assets do not get to our account and are sent directly to the Ethereum network

You don’t need any Ethereum to run a node. However to validate blocks and earn staking rewards you need to stake at least 32 ETH.

Running a non-block-producing node is still incentivized since it improves network security.

Withdrawals from the Beacon Chain are not enabled so rewards are not being distributed just yet. You can still earn rewards however.

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P2P with Ethereum



Lido on Ethereum


P2P supports ETH ecosystem as a one of the core dev teams for Lido. We also work as a Ethereum Node Operator inside of Lido pool from its launch.

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Developing with Ethereum

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P2P supports the ETH ecosystem as one of the core dev teams for Lido. We have also worked as an Ethereum Node Operator inside of the Lido pool since its launch.

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Security as a priority

P2P places the highest demands on security. We've been staking since 2018 and have never had a security issue. Staking in Ethereum with P2P is a safe long-term investment for the future. We will be happy to make these investments as comfortable and safe for you as possible.

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We know Staking

We have been staking on various networks for over four years. During that time, we have accumulated unique expertise in the field, created a talented team, and are now developing new solutions. We are committed to helping our customers get the most out of staking.

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