Polygon PoS is one of the most used protocols in the world. The network has tens of thousands of dApps, more than 3 million average daily transactions, $5 billion in secured assets, and some of the top brands building on it.

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Reward Frequency20-60 minutes

1 MATIC0.617143 USD

Unbonding period2-3 days

P2P fee10%0%

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$ 617
Annualized reward5.52%
All numbers provided should be considered approximate calculations of possible performance
  • Daily earnings0.15 MATIC$ 0
  • Monthly earnings4.6 MATIC$ 3
  • Yearly earnings55.2 MATIC$ 34

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polygon is one of the most used blockchains within Web3, the "Value Layer of the Internet" that has integrated multiple world-known brand as home within blockchain ecosystem.

Rewards are distrubuted each checkpoint, approximately every 20 minutes.

No, MATIC staking contract is located only on Ethereum, so, you can only stake your MATIC on Ethereum.

Polygon PoS is a plasma chain, the concept of Ethereum scaling that was developed before L2. All funds are secured by Ethereum layer, that is why staking is there.

POL token is a part of Polygon 2.0 concept - the next evolution of Polygon and MATIC. Now you can convert MATIC to POL and POL to MATIC 1-to-1. But only MATIC is the staking & gas token for PoS chain. Conversion of PoS chain into ZkEVM Validium should be seemless for users and no actions are expected from them at the moment. Currently POL token has no utility at all.

No, Polygon ZkEVM is Layer 2 and has no staking within. ETH is the gas token for Polygon ZkEVM.

How to stake

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We provide 0% fee for our users who stake on Polygon with P2P and our reliable infrastructure helps us to maintain great uptime numbers. This all lead to the best APR possible for MATIC delegators.

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We have been staking on various networks for over four years. During that time, we have accumulated unique expertise in the field, created a talented team, and are now developing new solutions. We are committed to helping our customers get the most out of staking.

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