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Axelar is a multi-ecosystem permissionless bridge running on Cosmos SDK & Tendermint. Secure & fast communications via General Message Passing help facilitate building the cross-chain future of all the interconnected projects.

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Reward Frequency6s

Unbonding period7 days

P2P fee10%

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Annualized reward16.1%
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  • Daily earnings79.23 AXL
  • Monthly earnings2396.06 AXL
  • Yearly earnings27015.80 AXL

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Axelar is a multi-ecosystem permissionless bridge running on Cosmos SDK & Tendermint.

The rewards accrue with each block, i.e., every 6 seconds on average.

The unbonding period for Axelar is 7 days.

Yes, there is a slashing penalty of 2% in case of double-sign and a 0.01% penalty for long periods of downtime.

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P2P has worked in Cosmos since the first block. Our decisions and policies are focused on maintaining the ecosystem's growth. By staking with us you support a long-term commitment to Cosmos and facilitate its future development.

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Our engineers have deep knowledge of every blockchain they work with. We are always in touch with the community to be up-to-date with all the latest developments. The team is ready to solve any issues 24/7 and is always focused on providing a secure and reliable service for our clients.

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