Avail Network is a Data Availability layer and a decentralized platform designed to enhance the interoperability and efficiency of blockchain networks. It aims to support scalable, secure data availability solutions for various blockchain applications, facilitating smoother and more reliable cross-chain transactions.


Reward frequency24 hours

Unbonding period28 days

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There's no time like the present, so to get the best rewards from staking Avail, stake now to enjoy 0% fees for the first six months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avail is a Web3 DA layer aimed at enabling scalable and interoperable modular execution layers in a trust-minimized manner

Avail is Celestia’s main competitor that is already integrated with major RaaS providers and the key DA solution for Dymension & Madara (Starknet) rollups. Avail’s vision is way more ambitious than Celestia’s as they onboard key ideas of the industry as shared sequencers and other assets staking within Avail, like BTC, ETC & SOL.

Avail, just like Celestia, will become the major Data Availability layer for many rollups in the rollup-centric future of Ethereum, Avail probably becomes the asset that has big probability to become eligible for airdrops.

Rewards on the Avail network are distributed at the end of each era, lasting 24 hours.

There is a 28-day lock-out period for unstaking, during which you will not receive staking rewards.

Yes, there is slashing for delegators.

Details on the minimum staking amount are not specified yet

Yes, staking rewards are compounded by the delegator’s choice.

The inflation rate of the Avail network has not yet been announced; we expect that it will be volatile depending on the current staking ratio and take up to 10%.

Why P2P?

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Maximizing APR

Leveraging our proven expertise and technologies honed in the Polkadot ecosystem, the P2P team meticulously configures our infrastructure to deliver the best possible APR to our clients. With Avail, our commitment extends to ensuring premium APR coupled with unparalleled uptime, positioning us as the leading validator in the network.

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We know Staking

Drawing on our four-year journey of extensive staking across diverse networks, including the Polkadot ecosystem, we've honed our expertise. Now, we're applying this deep knowledge to enrich the Avail experience, ensuring our clients gain maximum advantage from the unique opportunities Avail offers, much like we've achieved with Polkadot.

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