Refer a friend, earn 25% staking revenue annually!

Refer a friend with a stake and receive 25% of our revenue from their stake annually. No limits or fine print.

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Share details about yourself in order for us to prepare documents for you.


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After your KYC checking we will sign a contact with you to provide you with your referral link.


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Share your link with people anyway you prefer via twitter, telegram or private message.


Earn rewards

Receive 25% of our revenue from your stake for 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign a contract with us, send your friend your personal link, and after they stake through it, you will start receiving the bonus.

Once a quarter.

For each stake you refer, you will receive payments for 12 months, provided the client continues staking during this period.

Unfortunately, no. We are required to conduct KYC for everyone to whom we make payments.

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