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Annual percentage rate (APR)

Annual yield is built on the expected performance of the Terra project. Actual rewards may differ from the estimated value. Find out more about the formation of the staking return in our FAQ.
8% P2P fee
How to delegate?

Delegate with “Terra Station”

Official wallet (desktop)
1. Download Terra Station on your PC from the official web site
2. Import your account using your seed phrase if you participated in fundraising or simply create a new account. Write down your seed phrase and password. Put them in a safe place.
3. After creating an account you will be able to send Luna tokens to your address in the Terra Station. After a transfer is completed press the “Staking” button on the left side of the app window.
4. Select the “Validator” tab, scroll down and choose P2P from the list.
5. Press “Delegate” and choose an amount you want to stake.
6. Congratulations! Now you can sit back and watch your rewards grow.
If after following this guide you still have questions, issues or other concerns please follow us on Twitter or Telegram. We will provide a personal consultation and guide you through the following process. Whether you choose to delegate your digital assets to P2P or not, we welcome you to join our social channels, educational hub and use our DApps, all of which are open-source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terra?

Terra is a protocol that ensures price stability through use of the LUNA token. Terra delegators provide stability and security in exchange for rewards from transactions and mining operations.

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