Annual percentage rate (APR)
Depending on the staking participation, the inflation rate will be dynamically changed to incentivize / disincentivize token holders to participate in staking. For instance, maximum inflation would be 10% if there is 50% of DOTs being staked to the network resulting in ~20% annual yield.
How to delegate?

Delegating step by step

If you participated in a Polkadot fundraiser and received your DOT indicator tokens you can claim KSM with your original Ethereum address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kusama?

Kusama is a separate Polkadot-like project with a native staking token KSM that is created for experimenting with network parameters, parachains and various other activities.

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Can I trade or sell my KSM?

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When will I start to earn rewards and how frequently?

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