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We explore data in more than 40+ chains and 10+ deFi protocols. We collected 200TB of data and provide dashboards which fetch the data more then 0.5PB a day.

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Data indexation

Public dashboard

Staking API

Kolmo AI

Indexers & tools

Staking-Data API for builders

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Access to most of major PoS networks

Currently Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, but soon it will be 40+ networks.

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Cross-networks unified methods

You don't have to think about network specific features. Use unified methods to get data for all networks.

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Be sure in the quality of data

Be sure in the quality of this data, because we use it internally every dat

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Use staking-data API to receive accurate and stable data about staking process

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Get insights with Kolmo AI has developed AI assistant with on-chain data access to involve more people in crypto data-analysis

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Ready to see the data?

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Watcher for deFi risk-monitoring

The tool tailored to monitor risk in deFi investment strategies and to notify users during financial exploits.

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Explore risk monitoring for deFi strategies

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Public dashboards for decision makers

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Ethereum staking for our clients

Get insights about Ethereum staking: rewards, validator with the best performance, staking queue

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Cross-chain & DeFi is represented in 40+ chains and protocols. We can share our expertise in staking, bridges, liquid staking etc.

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Data platform for analysts

Full Polkadot data to get analyzed - you can work with staking, balance and extrinsic. SLI/SLO - we provide guarantees for delivery the data for your dashboards, so you never see the errors on the dash.

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Get insights in Polkadot

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Data indexation & tools for builders strives to be a contributor to the web3 community, which is why we provide tools such as indexers and subgraphs to enable everyone to embark on their on-chain data journey.

Agoric dashboard by p2p indexer

Polkadot indexer

Flow indexer

HAQQ Subgraph

Chainlink Subgraph

Polkadot validator monitoring

Get insights from the leaders in web3

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