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Special conditions for delegators with 300k+ MINA. Contact us to find out more.



Annual percentage rate (APR)
The value is relevant for unlocked MINA. Value can change based on network conditions and highly dependent on random factor of slot rights distribution.
8% P2P Validator fee


Early genesis members & Testnet participants

Reward reports

Reward reports for institutional investors

Support 24/7

Personal manager and technical support 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MINA?

MINA is a blockchain with a fixed size of ~22kb allowing any participant to seamlessly join to verify and secure the network even with smartphones.

What is a supercharged coinbase?

How to get MINA tokens?

What are the risks of delegating?

How to delegate MINA?

When will I start to earn rewards and how frequently?

Is there an unbonding period?

How is annual staking yield calculated?