Compound FLOW rewards with P2P!

P2P validator is the best place for investors supporting Flow by long term staking.



Annual percentage rate (APR)
It depend on annual network emission and total FLOW staked. After one month of staking APR will decrease as annual network emission will decrease from 20% to 5%.
8% Validator fee

Consensus node


Collection node


Verification node


Skin in the Game

3M FLOW own assets

Personal assistance

Nominated account manager with rapid response

Support 24/7

Dedicated technical DevOps support team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flow?

Flow is a developer-friendly blockchain built for creating a new generation of games, NFTs and a wide range of digital assets.

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How often are staking rewards distributed?

Is there an unstaking period?

Is there a slashing risk for validators?

Is there a minimum staking amount for Flow?

Do staking rewards compound?

What is the Flow inflation rate?

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