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Cardano (ADA) Warm-up and Reward Distribution Frequency
Cardano (ADA) Warm-up and Reward Distribution Frequency

How long before you receive your first rewards

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One epoch in Cardano is around 5 days long.

Depending on when you started the delegation in the current epoch, you will receive your first rewards between 15-20 days. After that, you will then receive them every epoch for your delegation earnings two epochs retrospectively.

Lets say that you delegate in the current epoch E0:

E0: Delegation transaction made (up to approx. 5 days)
E1: Snapshot taken and the network registers the delegation request (approx. 5 days)
E2: Validating is in progress and rewards are being earned (approx. 5 days)

E3: Rewards are calculated (approx. 5 days)

Rewards are paid out in epoch 4 for rewards earned in epoch 2

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