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Why Stake Avail (AVAIL) with P2P?
Why Stake Avail (AVAIL) with P2P?

Some of the benefits of staking AVAIL with P2P Validator

Written by Mike
Updated over a week ago

Please be aware that the Avail mainnet is not currently live, and staking is unavailable at this time. All screenshots in this guide were taken on the testnet and will be replaced with real ones once the Avail mainnet is launched. Stay tuned for updates!

Avail is Celestia’s main competitor that is already integrated with major RaaS providers and the key DA solution for Dymension & Madara (Starknet) rollups. Avail’s vision is way more ambitious than Celestia’s as they onboard key ideas of the industry as shared sequencers and other assets staking within Avail, like BTC, ETC & SOL.

Our Avail staking infrastructure has been set up to guarantee high uptime, minimizing risks for all clients and ensuring your rewards are generated continuously. We have an inhouse team of analysts dedicated to Avail network to maximize earnings.

As the largest Indexer in the Avail network you can be sure to maximize your rewards with

For more information on staking Avail (AVAIL) with, visit

For additional staking support, visit

You can also get in contact with a live agent by selecting the speech bubble at the bottom right of this page, sending a message to the Telegram bot, or emailing [email protected].

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