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Why Stake Cardano (ADA) with P2P?
Why Stake Cardano (ADA) with P2P?

Some of the benefits of staking Cardano with P2P Validator

Written by Mike
Updated this week

Our Cardano (ADA) staking infrastructure has been set up to guarantee high uptime, minimizing risks for all clients and ensuring your rewards are generated continuously.

The pledge influence factor is a system constant that effectively rewards pools with higher pledge amounts by increasing their staking rewards. We, other things being equal, will generate a high amount of rewards.

We provide you with a selection of pools for you to chose from based on your strategy. With pools with lower saturation, we remove all the fees so delegators receive 100% of the rewards!

When delegating with us, you keep full custody and control of your ADA. Staking your ADA through a cold wallet is the best way to keep your funds safe.

Taking into account all factors used in conjunction, we provide one of the best in class pools setup to maximise your rewards!

For more information on staking Cardano (ADA) with and our special offer for large ADA delegations, visit

For additional staking support, visit the P2P Cardano support center.

You can also get in contact with a live agent by selecting the speech bubble at the bottom right of this page, sending a message to the Telegram bot, or emailing [email protected].

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