Vega (VEGA) Staking FAQ

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What is Vega?

Vega is a novel project designed for developing and trading quality derivative products on a decentralised network.

What is the Vega staking APR?

This figure is variable and will depend on the % of the total VEGA supply that is staked.

How long is one epoch on the VEGA network?

One epoch on the Vega network is 24 hours.

How long does it take for my nomination to be active?

Your stake will be active at the beginning of the next epoch (max 24 hours).

How often are Vega staking rewards distributed?

Vega staking rewards are distributed approximately 3 days after the start of each epoch.

Is there a Vega unstaking period?

Your Vega tokens will be available at the start of the next epoch (max 24h).

Is there a slashing risk for Vega validators?

There is no slashing risk for delegators.

Is there a minimum staking amount for Vega?

There is no minimum staking amount for VEGA staking with P2P Validator.

Do Vega staking rewards compound?

No, delegators will receive rewards to their Vega address associated with their public key.

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