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Vega (VEGA) Staking Rewards & Fees
Vega (VEGA) Staking Rewards & Fees

How much you will earn staking VEGA with P2P

Written by Angelina
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You will be earning an estimated 10.75% APR when staking VEGA with P2P. Please keep in mind that the APR specified are approximate and changes along with network conditions.

The Vega network dictates a 11.7% fee on your rewards to be provided to validators that run the staking infrastructure. The rewards after taking the fee into consideration will therefore be 9.49225%

Example of rewards:
I delegate 1000 VEGA to P2P.

Reward: 1000*10.75% = 107.5 VEGA
Fee = 107.5*11.7% = 12.5775 VEGA
Estimated balance after 1 year = 1000+107.5-12.5775 = 1094.9225 VEGA

For more information on staking Vega (VEGA) with P2P Validator visit

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