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What is Elrond?
Elrond is a novel platform for building decentralized applications for enterprise use cases and the new internet economy.

Why should I stake Elrond token?

Delegators secure the blockchain by staking and receive corresponding rewards proportional to their stake.

What is Elrond Staking APR?
APR is expected to be approximately 13%. More info here.

Is there an unstaking period?

The Elrond network has a 10 epoch unstaking period throughout which your tokens will not be earning rewards. More info here.

Is there a slashing risk for validators?

Elrond validators may be penalized for network rules violation and lose a portion of stake for serious offences. In case of continuous downtime validators lose rating and ability to produce rewards due to jailing. P2P Validator takes slashing risks very seriously and uses world-leading infrastructure security practices. Our DevOps team has 3+ years of experience in maintaining highly-available nodes.

Do Elrond rewards compound?

No, you need to claim and stake your rewards for them to compound.

Is there a minimum staking amount for Elrond?

You need at least 1 EGLD to start staking on the Elrond network.

When can I claim Elrond rewards?

Elrond rewards can be claimed everyday when the new Epoch starts (every 24 hours).

For more information on staking Elrond (EGLD) with P2P Validator, visit p2p.org/elrond.

For additional staking support, visit the P2P Elrond support center.

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