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Cosmos' (ATOM) Warm-up & Reward Distribution Frequency
Cosmos' (ATOM) Warm-up & Reward Distribution Frequency

How long before you receive your first rewards and how often?

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When you delegate your Cosmos (ATOM) tokens, you don't have to wait long to start seeing rewards; they begin accruing approximately every 7 seconds. This real-time reward distribution is one of the unique features of Cosmos that sets it apart from many other networks.

Your staked ATOMs and the rewards you earn are typically managed within the same account, under different statuses. The staked ATOMs are in a 'staked' status, meaning they are locked and actively contributing to the network's security and consensus. The rewards, however, are not automatically reinvested. They accumulate in a 'free' status, allowing you immediate access to use or reinvest them at your discretion.

This setup is beneficial because it provides flexibility and liquidity. Your rewards are readily available and are not subject to the 21-day unbonding period required to release your staked ATOMs. You can choose to reinvest these rewards back into staking or utilise them in other ways immediately.

While the default scenario involves managing both staked tokens and rewards within the same account, specific configurations or third-party services might handle these separately. It’s always a good idea to check with your wallet provider or staking service for details specific to your arrangement.

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