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Ethereum (ETH) dApp Staking Guide
Ethereum (ETH) dApp Staking Guide

How to stake your ETH with P2P Validator

Written by Mike
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to introduce our ground-breaking Ethereum (ETH) auto-staking feature, powered by our audited immutable smart contract. This feature completely automates the Ethereum staking process, making staking ETH easier than ever.

Our ETH staking offer is completely non-custodial and there are no KYC requirements. You simply connect your wallet and stake.

To set up a validator you will only need:

  1. An Ethereum wallet

  2. To specify the amount of stake - 1 validator per 32 ETH;

  3. To specify the withdrawal address.

Ethereum Staking guide

  1. Navigate to and you will be brought up to the screen below.

2. Then click "connect wallet" on the top right. We currently support Metamask and Ledger Wallet or you can use Wallet Connect.

We have prepared a video guide on how to connect a Safe wallet:

3. Once you successfully connect your wallet, we can begin the staking process. We can define how much ETH we want to stake and a withdrawal address.

Each Ethereum validator requires 32 ETH to set up so Ethereum can only be staked in multiples of 32 ETH.

We can also pick a different withdrawal address. The withdrawal address is used to receive rewards and withdraw the ETH staked.

4. Once everything is set up, we can press continue and we will be taken to a confirmation screen. If everything is set up correctly we can press Stake.

5. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction on your wallet.

6. After you confirm the transaction in your wallet, wait a few minutes for it to be completed in the network.

7. Once the transaction has been successfully confirmed we need to wait for the validators to become active. Under normal circumstances can take up to 24 hours but this is subject to change based on the number of people trying to stake.

While you wait you can join a personal telegram chat with our team. There we will share updates about your stake and can answer all of your questions.

8. Once the validators are active you will start earning rewards. You will also have access to a personal dashboard where you can check the status of your staked account.

For more information on staking Ethereum (ETH) with and our special offer for large ETH delegations, visit

For additional staking support, visit the ETH Help Centre.

You can also get in contact with a live agent by selecting the speech bubble at the bottom right of this page, sending a message to the Telegram bot, or emailing [email protected].

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