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Manta (MANTA) Staking Guide
Manta (MANTA) Staking Guide

Step-by-step instructions on setting up an account in the Manta network and staking MANTA tokens using your account

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Manta Atlantic is a prominent part of the Manta Network, recognized for being the fastest and most decentralized Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Layer1 on Polkadot. This makes it a significant contender for L1’s, particularly for those applications requiring high levels of privacy and security.

This guide outlines the steps to create an account on the Polkadot network and stake your assets in Manta. For those holding over 400K Manta, contact us to learn about special staking offers.

Creating a Manta Atlantic account

You need to have tokens on Manta Atlantic (Polkadot parachain network). To bridge the tokens from Manta Pacific (ETH) to Manta Atlantic (Polkadot), please use the official bridge: Note that you need to have an account on Manta Atlantic. The most convenient way is to use the Polkadot js extension for Manta Atlantic.

Remember, your seed phrase is crucial for account access. If lost, you can restore your account with it, but if someone else gets it, they can access your account. Store your seed securely on encrypted hard drives, non-digital devices, or ideally on paper, and protect it from physical damage. Never store it on an internet-connected device.

Step-by-step staking guide:

  1. Navigate to Manta staking dApp: When you first visit this dApp, please allow the Polkadot js extension access to the dApp.

  2. After you connect, you will see your dashboard page. Please select the “Start staking” button to stake your Manta tokens

  3. After, you will see the list of available collators to choose from. Do your own research before choosing the collator. Remember the basic rules: the minimum stake is 500 Manta, and the maximum number of delegations per collator is 100 (If a collator has >100 delegators, the minimum delegation amount to receive rewards will be larger than above 500 depending on the other delegator's stakes.). When the collator is chosen, click the “Stake” button.

  4. After, you will see the window where you can enter the desired amount to stake. Once it’s done, you need to sign the transaction using you polkadot js wallet.

  5. After the transaction appears in the blockchain, the dashboard updates automatically, and you will see the chosen collator and the buttons “Stake” (if you would like to add more tokens) and “Unstake” (if you would like to stop staking). Remember unstaking takes 7 days. Rewards are paid every 6 hours.

All credits for used materials belong to Manta Network. Please refer to the official staking guide for more detailed information.

For more information on staking Manta (MANTA) with and our special offer for large MANTA delegations, visit

For additional staking support, visit the P2P MANTA Help Centre.

You can also get in contact with a live agent by selecting the speech bubble at the bottom right of this page, sending a message to the Telegram bot, or emailing [email protected].

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