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Partially Delegating and Undelegating Solana (SOL)
Partially Delegating and Undelegating Solana (SOL)

How to undelegate and the available options

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Main Authority and Staking accounts

In Solflare you have a main authority address where you can transfer SOL from and to your staking account(s).

Main authority account can be found on your "Portfolio page".

You cannot transfer SOL directly from one staking account to another without first going through your main authority address. Staking accounts are used in order to delegate your SOL to validators.

Staking accounts can be found on your "Staking page". In the image below you can see that I have created three staking accounts. Two are activating (meaning my delegation transaction has been confirmed buy my stake is in the warming up period), and one is inactive (not staking).

Only the full amount in a staking account can be delegated or undelegated. IE within one staking account, you will not be able to input a specific amount to partially delegate or undelegate. Furthermore, delegating and undelegating have warm-up and cool-down periods respectively. For these two reasons, it is important to understand the options available to partially undelegate your SOL with staking accounts to avoid waiting.

For example if you have 100 SOL being delegated in a staking account and you want to undelegate and withdraw 50 SOL, it would be a waste of time to undelegate 100 SOL and wait for the cool down, withdraw 50 SOL out of your account, and then delegate 50 SOL again and wait for the warm-up. During the warm-up period you will not be earning rewards.

Fortunately, Solflare has created the option to split a staking account, which provides a solution to partially delegate or undelegate your SOL without wasting time and rewards.

Splitting accounts

You can only delegate or undelegate the full amount - as opposed to a partial amount - in a staking account. To delegate or undelegate a partial amount you have the option to "split" your staking account. This will take a staking account and it will split it into two seperate ones, with the new account being transferred the split amount of SOL. Both accounts will keep the same status as it had before (delegating, activating, or inactive).

1. To find the split function, first select your account and then "SPLIT".

2. Input the amount that you would like to move out of your staking account into the new one.

3. Confirm the transaction.

4. Once your new staking account has been created with the split amount, you can undelegate or delegate the SOL there.

You will then have to wait a cooldown period before it will be available to withdraw.

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