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Cardano (ADA) Undelegation Period
Cardano (ADA) Undelegation Period

How long it takes to un-delegate your ADA

Written by Mike
Updated over a week ago

One of the main advantages of Cardano (ADA) staking is that you can withdraw your delegated ADA at anytime; there is no cool-down period.

Even though you can withdraw your delegate ADA, there is still the option to undelegate. When you undelegate, you will be deregistering your address' staking key, meaning that you will not be able to delegate using that address in the future. In our article Cardano (ADA) Reward Distribution Frequency, we explain how you receive rewards for your delegation two epochs retrospectively. However, when you undelegate your stake, you will not receive rewards in the next two epochs.

The advantage of undelegating, as opposed to just withdrawing your ADA, is that you will receive your initial deposit of 2 ADA back.

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