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Updated over a week ago Provides Non-Custodial Staking Services For Professional Investors allows token holders to participate in staking without the heavy lifting of running a node i.e maintenance, surety bonds etc. By delegating their tokens to, users authorize P2P to represent their stake without transferring asset ownership. As a validation node, we manage the collective stake while ensuring that users retain full control over their holdings. Staking rewards are then distributed among our users, proportionally to their stake. This process ensures that users benefit from staking rewards while maintaining their asset's security and autonomy.

By "delegating" their holdings to P2P, we accumulate users' stake and act as a major
Users that chose to stake with P2P maintain full custody of their assets at all times and P2P will never have access to them.
By staking you are supporting the networks you believe in with the additional benefit of compounding your tokens!

Who we are launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch we have grown to manage 4+ billion USD in staked assets across more than 20,000 investors and 25+ unique blockchain networks.

Our team provides unparalleled expertise and support for digital asset investors to compound their assets in a secure and efficient manner, offering token holders unrivaled access to digital asset staking networks. sets itself apart from competitors through expert knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem, together with comprehensive, 24/7 account monitoring and support. In addition to this, we are avid believers and developers within the networks we support, guaranteeing our users access to only the highest-quality staking opportunities.

Our Core Values - (STATS)

Security The protection of your staked assets and personal data is our top priority. Through non-custodial staking capabilities, P2P Validator allows for stakers to maintain full control of the security and infrastructure of their staked assets. In addition to this, our infrastructure was built with maximum security and performance in mind.

Transparency. All our actions and governance decisions are transparent to our community. We openly share all financial data related to returns, cycles, stake amount and delegation capacity, as well as the status of all networks and our project updates, to ensure our clients are provided with the information they need.

Asset Rewards. Staking exists as an opportunity to generate new revenue for token holders. Using our industry expertise, we pick only the most successful networks and execute smart governance to ensure growing value and high returns for our clients.

Technology. P2P prides itself on our expert and intimate knowledge of supported staking networks. In addition to this, our staking infrastructure has been set up to guarantee high uptime and thus minimized risks for all clients. This allows clients to stake with P2P with peace of mind. An average network uptime of +99% ensures your rewards are generated continuously.

Smart Governance. We believe in decentralization and that blockchains will form the foundation of the digital world. Community is the key. We represent your interests and rights within each network when you don’t have time to do so.

For more information on staking with P2P Validator, visit

For additional introduction to staking support , visit the getting started support center.

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