Stake with P2P and get MPOND

Stake ATOM, DOT and IRIS with P2P today to receive MPOND tokens as part of the FlowMint Stakedrop.



Annual percentage rate (APR)
8% P2P Validator fee


Highly available infrastructure with alerts and monitoring

Personal assistance

Personal assistance, nominated account manager with rapid response

Support 24/7

Professional DevOps team providing 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marlin?

Marlin is a layer-0 protocol focused on network-layer performance, security and robustness. It speeds up block propagation of existing blockchains to enable higher throughput.

Why should I stake MARLIN token?

How to stake POND/MPOND?

Do I still own POND/MPOND tokens after the delegation is completed?

Is there a lock-up period to undelegate tokens?