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Agoric (BLD) Staking FAQ
Agoric (BLD) Staking FAQ

Brief overview

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What is Agoric?

Agoric is a secure JavaScript smart-contract platform that allows developers to reuse a set of trusted components to build decentralized applications (dApps). Smart-contracts power the new efficient economy that doesn't rely on a third party while all the interactions within the system are fair and transparent. Critical smart-contract bugs result in million dollar losses for developers and users of dApps. They are still considered risky and difficult to use.

Agoric uses an object-capabilities (ocap) security architecture defining constraints on how references to the objects are obtained. It simplifies building an application allowing developers to focus on it's purpose and makes interaction with contracts much safer. With the Zoe framework developed by Agoric even a buggy contract won't lead to the loss of funds put inside as they become automatically escrowed.

Another well-known problem is a lack of developers in crypto. Many exciting use cases are still to be invented. Inflow of new talents can boost the ecosystem’s growth adding to composability. JavaScript remains the most fast-growing programming language having over 10 millions developers all over the world. We believe that a composable framework built by Agoric is capable of attracting a significant portion of JavaScript developers into the space.

What is the Agoric staking APR?

Visit consolidated Rewards and Fees page to check latest APR and Fees for BLD.

How often are Agoric staking rewards distributed?

Agoric staking rewards can be claimed any time.

Is there a Agoric unstaking period?

Yes, the unstaking period is 21 days.

Is there a slashing risk for Agoric validators?

Yes, there is slashing risk for validators.

Is there a minimum staking amount for Agoric?

No, there is no minimum staking amount.

Do Agoric staking rewards compound?

No, you need to claim and re-stake your funds to compound.

What is the Agoric inflation rate?

The Agoric inflation rate is approximately 5% per year.

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