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Why Stake Near (NEAR) with P2P Validator?
Why Stake Near (NEAR) with P2P Validator?

Some of the benefits of staking NEAR with P2P Validator

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Every delegator is self-responsible for the financial decisions made. It is very important to chose the right validator in order to maximise your rewards.

P2P Validator launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch we have grown to manage billions in staked assets across more than 10,000 investors and 20+ unique blockchain networks.

We are ranked as top position for historical uptime. Our team has vast understanding and experience as a validator with more than 4 years of experience in operating secure nodes. We run safe and highly efficient infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring & backups. We constantly improve our alerts, monitoring and failover procedures to ensure continuous uptime and reward generation.

We believe in helping our community and have set up 24/7 support service, providing technical maintenance and assistance regardless of time zones.

We have a limited special offer for delegators with 250k+ NEAR. You can sign up for more information on our Near page.

To support the security and stability of the NEAR network, it's important that you encourage the decentralisation of validators. By selecting P2P Validator, you will be receiving the highest grade of staking services in the industry.

For more information on staking Near (NEAR) with P2P Validator and our special offer for large NEAR delegations, visit

For additional staking support, visit the P2P Near support centre.

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