Tezos bakery


9.95% fee - Reward payments every 7 cycles

Status Online
Current Block 132,167
Own assets 187,932 XTZ ~248,711 USD
Delegated assets 1,753,638 XTZ ~2,306,844 USD
Available for delegation
Uptime 100%
All time

Baker Address

tz1KksC8RvjUWAbXYJuNrUbontHGor26Cztk copied

Delegating step by step

1. Log into your Tezos Wallet at wallet.tezbox.com
2. Press "Add Account" to create a new KT1 Account
step 2
3. Wait until the account has been added to the blockchain
step 3
4. Send your Tezzies to the new KT1 Account
step 4
5. Under "Delegate", select "Custom"
step 5
6. Enter
step 6
7. Press "Update Delegate"
8. All Done! You're now delegating to the P2P validator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tezos baking?

In Tezos ecosystem “miners” are called bakers, while we refer to the new block creation process as baking. Block creator is selected randomly between XTZ holders, so the highest stack has increased chances to bake a block and get a reward.

Can I become a Tezos baker?

Yes! You can try and deploy a network node yourself or simply delegate rights to us. Note that running your own node requires you to be tech-savvy and ready to spend more than $10 000 on equipment and operations, plus token costs, and have to keep an eye on the infrastructure 24/7.

What is your fee?

We take 9.95% static fee from rewards you receive via block rewards, endorsement rewards, denunciations and transaction fees.

What is your payout schedule?

Payments are done automatically at the end of each baking cycle as soon as Tezos blockchain unfreezes earnings, which usually happens after 5 cycles. Each cycle lasts while 256 new blocks have been generated. Note, that it also takes in avg. 7 cycles for a full delegation to happen.

How do I delegate Tezzies?

Follow the step-by-step guide above and remember that upon delegation you still retain all ownership rights and don’t have to send your tokens to us. There’s a range of wallets that supports XTZ as of this writing, so choose one that offers easy-to-follow delegation.

Does my Tezzies get locked once I delegate?

Not at all. You still can spend or transfer your XTZ as well as move your stake to another provider anytime you want. Blockchain makes an account snapshot from time to time, and the total sum of Tezzies delegated reflects in such snapshot affecting your stacking reward percentage.

Are my XTZ Tezzies safe?

We take security of your assets as the top priority for P2P Validator. Our infrastructure have already certified by CYBER3 independent auditor. We encourage any other third-parties to perform our infrastructure audit to ensure in assets protection.