Stake NEAR with P2P and earn Marlin MPOND

P2P Validator is the best place for institutional investors with over 100,000 NEAR



Annual percentage rate (APR)
APY vary every epoch depending on staked ratio
10% P2P Validator fee

Token holders who delegate to P2P Validator NEAR will receive Marlin tokens pro-rata to their delegation.

Uptime >99,98%

Highly available infrastructure with alerts and monitoring

Personal assistance

Personal assistance, nominated account manager with rapid response

Support 24/7

Professional DevOps team providing 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEAR?

NEAR is a novel platform for building decentralized applications that are able to power the Open Web paradigm eliminating scalability issues.

Why should I stake NEAR token?

What are the risks of delegating?

How to delegate NEAR token?

Do I still own NEAR tokens after the delegation is completed?

When will I start to earn rewards and how frequently?

Is there a lock-up period to undelegate tokens?

How is annual staking yield calculated?