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Flow (FLOW) Warm up & Reward Distribution Frequency
Flow (FLOW) Warm up & Reward Distribution Frequency

How long before you receive your first rewards and how often?

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One epoch in the Flow network lasts approximately 7 days. An epoch is a period of time the network uses to manage the list of registered validator nodes and staking rewards payouts.

During the staking auction phase, delegators can register to stake their FLOW. Any attempt to send staking transactions during the setup & commit phase will be rejected. This is because this is the period of time that the network is preparing for the next epoch, and requires for the staking information to be constant. All staking operations will be executed during the Epoch switchover - the point of time when one epoch ends and the next begins.

Therefore, for your stake to start generating rewards, it will take approximately 1-7 days depending on when in the epoch you sent out the request to delegate.

After that, a delegator will receive their first rewards during the next epoch switchover.

You will therefore receive your first rewards approximately 7-14 days after you have sent a request to stake your FLOW. After that you will receive rewards every epoch (approx. 7 days).

For more information on staking Flow (FLOW) with P2P Validator visit

For additional staking support, visit the P2P Flow staking help center

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