P2P Validator Joins FLOW as a Node Operator

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Crypto-collectibles are currently gaining a lot of traction and the demand for non-fungible tokens (NFT) spiked with over $2M weekly volume. NFTs represent a proof-of-ownership for a unique asset that can be used to exchange in-game assets, to define copyrights for publishers or proof of authenticity by digital art creators. In 2017, the Cryptokitties game on Ethereum was the most popular blockchain enabled consumer application that revealed the hidden potential of crypto-collectibles. Three years later, it still remains one of the largest NFT games by sales volume.

Due to Ethereum scaling limitations and aggravating user experience, the team behind CryptoKitties spent the last two years in R&D to build a new blockchain platform that could address mainstream consumer scale needs, while offering an unparalleled user experience. Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them.

Flow is designed for better user experience with multi-role architecture that allows the achievement of speed improvements without sharding, ensuring composability of applications. Resource oriented programming and upgradeable smart-contracts provide flexibility for developers. Flow uses proof-of-stake achieving relatively fast transaction finality. Though Flow is a multi-purpose general blockchain not limited to any specific use-case, it has the potential to become the leading platform for building decentralized gaming applications and power the growth of crypto-collectible economies.

With that in mind, P2P Validator is excited to announce the launch of Collector, Verification and Consensus nodes to increase Flow decentralization as part of our commitment to support the development of open and censorship-resistant collectible economies.

If you are interested in staking with us follow a few simple steps from our staking guide.

Our team has extensive experience in setting up secure infrastructure. P2P Validator maintains high-availability nodes and provides secure staking services for the most groundbreaking projects in the blockchain space. We are an early Flow investor having our own skin in the game. The node infrastructure is under advanced monitoring with 24/7 technical support, backups and alerts.

About Flow

Flow is a novel developer-friendly blockchain that is perfectly fitted for games and digital assets powering collectible economies. It has multi-role architecture improving transaction speed and throughput. It is built by the Dapper Labs team that is behind Cryptokitties and NBA Top Shot. It is supported by notable venture funds including Google Ventures, USV, a16z, Venrock and many others.

Learn more by visiting the Flow Website, Twitter or Telegram. If you’re a developer, take a look at Flow playground and join the discussion on Discord.

About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading staking provider with the best industry security practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence of digital assets and offer only top-notch staking opportunities. At the time of the latest update, more than 3 billion of USD value is staked with P2P Validator by over 10,000 delegators across 25+ networks. We are early Flow investors with a goal to provide the long term support for the ecosystem.

Stake FLOW with us: Ledger Delegation Guide

Web: https://p2p.org

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

Telegram: https://t.me/P2Pstaking

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