Annual percentage rate (APR)
Depending on the staking participation, the inflation rate will be dynamically changed to incentivize / disincentivize token holders to participate in staking. For instance, maximum inflation would be 10% if there is 50% of DOTs being staked to the network resulting in ~20% annual yield.
10% P2P Validator fee
How to delegate?

Delegating step by step

Use account
Use cleos
To participate in Cyberway economy you need to purchase CYBER tokens on exchange and transfer them to your account.

Create an account on


Send CYBER tokens to your account


Delegate CYBER tokens to a validator

If you have any questions, contact our team, we are always open for communication.

Contact us if you have any questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyberway?

Cyberway is a flexible decentralized platform specifically designed to handle more complex applications with microservice infrastructure

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When will I start to earn rewards and how frequently?

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