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P2P Validator is the best place for institutional investors with over 100,000 ATOM.



Annual percentage rate (APR)
8% P2P Validator fee
How to delegate?

Token holders who delegate to P2P Validator ATOM will receive Marlin tokens pro-rata to their delegation.

Why Us?

99.98% uptime guarantee
One of the winners of Cosmos Game of stakes competition
Intuitive dashboard for you
Оwn assets

900,000 ATOM






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How many ATOMs do you have?

This delegation amount has privileges and we have a special offer for you! Please request a call back for more details.

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Don’t have ATOM?

Buy ATOM with VISA or Mastercard in a few clicks and start earning rewards right away.

Delegation instructions

Delegate with Ledger

Lunie is an official audited web wallet & UI for interacting with the Cosmos Hub allowing the sending, staking and redelegating of atoms in a simple and secure way with a Ledger. Follow this two-step guide, it takes a few minutes.

Delegate with CLI

Delegating using the CLI (command line interface) requires some technical expertise: You have to set up Go, install the Cosmos SDK and dependencies, type in commands into the command line, etc.

If you know how to use CLI for delegation, please follow the official guide to delegate.

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If you make doubt, our specialists would be happy to talk to you about our technical capabilities if you would like to do a quick demo. Have questions about staking? Find a time here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i delegate my Atoms?

Follow the CLI delegator guide above and remember that upon delegation you still retain all ownership rights and don’t have to send your Atoms to us.

What is your fee?

Are my Atoms safe?